On this page, you will find the employment outcome reports submitted to the ABA and NALP for the previous three years. These reports contain details about the employment outcomes of our graduates ten months post-graduation.

Why Ten Months?

The American Bar Association measures law school graduates placement statistics as of March 15th – usually about ten months after graduation. The ABA, and all law schools, focus on this number primarily because of the timing of bar examination results. Typically, law students graduate in May and sit for bar exams all over the country in July. In Pennsylvania, bar examination results are released in mid-October, but in other states such as New York, the results can be as late as the end of November. Many small to mid-size law firms, government agencies, district attorney’s offices and similar employers are not in a position to hire a new law school graduate until bar passage has been confirmed. Thus, it is more appropriate to evaluate placement statistics only after ten months.

Class of 2015 Placement Report

Graduate Employment Status
Status Number of Graduates
Employed 221
Seeking Advanced Degrees 1
Unemployed 16
Unemployed Start Date Deferred 7
Not Seeking Employment 6
Unknown 2
Total Graduates 253

221 Employed Graduates

Employment Schedule Number of Graduates
Full-Time and Part-Time Positions
Employed Full-Time 202
Employed Part-Time 19
Employment Term Number of Graduates
Employment Duration
Long Term Position 204
Short Term Position 17

191 graduates are employed in positions that require admission to the Bar or where the J.D. was an advantage in obtaining and performing the job.

Employment Type Number of Graduates
Positions requiring bar admission or having J.D. Advantage
Full-Time, Long Term, Bar Required 149 
Full-Time, Long Term, J.D. Advantage 42

6 graduates are employed in Full or Part-Time, Short Term positions funded by the law school.

Employment Sector Number of Graduates
Employment by Sector
Law Firms 96
Business & Industry 34
Government 34
Public Interest 20
Judicial Clerkships 34
Academia 3
Employment Type Full-Time Long Term Full-Time Short Term Part-Time Long Term Part-Time Short Term
Job Characteristics
Bar Passage Required 149 4 2 1
J.D. Advantage 42 1 6 3
Professional 5 1 0 0
Non-Professional 0 0 0 0
Undeterminable Employment 0 0 0 1

Annual Placement Reports

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