Temple has long recognized the value of a global legal education. We have close to a dozen faculty members focused on teaching international law subjects and our curriculum is both diverse and deep, with multiple sections of the introductory course in international law a well as upper-level electives on international human rights, law and development, international criminal law treaties, and international trade, among others.

At Temple, you can do more than just read about legal practice around the world; you can live it. We have one of the nation’s oldest summer study abroad programs in Rome, Italy, and the only semester-long U.S. study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan. Temple also offers the oldest U.S. graduate law program in Beijing, China, and students can study abroad at our partner law schools around the world.

Our students find Temple a place to share common interests and a commitment to the rule of law, an interest that often generates lasting professional and personal relationships. Temple provides you with the chance to study and experience our increasingly globalized legal community – one that requires lawyers to understand not only state and federal rules and regulations, but how other legal systems and cultures operate.

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Proven Leadership

The International Law program at Temple Law has consistently been ranked among the top 15 programs nationally by U.S. News & World Report. Temple Law delivers a truly global legal education, with opportunities for international study that are simply unavailable at other schools and opportunities at home to gain a deeper understanding of how international issues impact daily practice in almost every other field of law.

  • Temple has the first and only ABA-approved law program in Japan.
  • More than 20% of our students participate each year in our Global Scholars program, studying at our Rome and Tokyo campuses or at prestigious law schools around the world through our extensive exchange program.
  • More than 75% of our students participate in at least one international law class during their time at Temple Law.
  • Temple Law offers many opportunities for international law scholarship, competition, and networking. Our students edit and publish the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal, which contains both student and outside scholarship; compete in the prestigious Jessup International Moot Court Competition; and become members of the International Law Society.

International Law Curriculum

WATCH: Professor Ramji-Nogales Discusses International Law at Temple

At Temple, the broad scope of the international law curriculum reflects the interdisciplinary nature of international law and the international dimensions of traditionally “domestic” areas of law. Temple offers courses in a number of traditional areas, such as human rights, trade, and treaty law. Temple also offers an expanding selection of courses in emerging and interdisciplinary fields like international intellectual property, cyberspace, and electronic commerce.

Faculty excellence is at the core of our international program and the faculty, both in Philadelphia and abroad, are experts in U.S. and foreign law. Nearly one half of the Temple Law faculty has either taught or worked abroad, making them uniquely qualified to fluidly incorporate discussions of comparative and international law into the curriculum.

The Temple faculty includes several prolific scholars who have published extensively on subjects ranging from citizenship to comparative treaty law to Chinese contracts. In the last five years alone, Temple professors have published more than 60 book chapters and articles on international and comparative law topics in prestigious journals worldwide. Their expertise is varied and includes immigration and refugee law, public international law, Japanese copyright law, the globalization of intellectual property law, terrorism, and global public health.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Summer Session in Italy | Temple University Rome

Temple University Rome campus has hosted a summer session law program for more than thirty years. Classes are taught by full-time Temple Law professors, visiting professors, and prominent Italian attorneys, judges, and legal scholars who have been associated with Temple’s program for many years. Typically beginning in early June and concluding in early July, this program is designed to give students the flexibility to study abroad in the beginning of the summer, yet allows sufficient time for summer employment abroad or in the U.S. before the start of the fall semester.

Semester Abroad in Japan | Temple University Japan

As the only American Bar Association accredited spring semester-long law program in Asia, the Japan program offers second- and third-year J.D. students from Temple and other U.S. law schools a truly unique study abroad experience. Classes are taught in English by expert Temple law faculty and practicing U.S., Japanese, and international attorneys. J.D. students join approximately 65 local LL.M. students from Japan and all over the world. This interaction with Japanese peers is an extremely important aspect of the program as it promotes cultural understanding and provides students with long-term professional contacts. With a Temple-sponsored student visa, students may work in legal or non-legal capacities while in Tokyo. In past years, one-half to two-thirds of students secured part-time jobs, both paid and unpaid, with law firms, corporations, and non-profit organizations while at Temple University – Japan (TUJ).

We also offer study abroad opportunities at our partner schools in China, Colombia, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Switzerland. Please visit our study abroad page for more information.

J.D. / LL.M. in Transnational Law

Advances in telecommunications and transportation have created a demand for lawyers who can practice in a global environment. Multinational corporations have become the rule, rather than the exception, and the practice of law is no longer limited by national borders. Moreover, many of the most rapidly expanding areas of practice including the law of cyberspace, intellectual property, and environmental law are inherently transnational. For all of these reasons, Temple’s faculty designed the Transnational Law curriculum to ensure that our graduates will have the skills and knowledge to compete successfully in the twenty-first century. Our graduates will be knowledgeable about international legal doctrines, adept at dealing with multiple legal systems, and familiar with other cultures.

Transnational Law LL.M. candidates must complete the three-credit International Law survey course plus 24 credits of elective international and comparative law courses, including at least one course in which a scholarly paper is produced. Some of these credits must be earned at one or more of Temple’s international campuses.

Current Temple J.D. students who have completed their second year of law studies may apply for entry into the J.D./LL.M. program. Students who apply before graduation from the J.D. program may count up to 12 credits of international course work from their J.D. studies towards the LL.M. Students may complete the remaining credits in as little as one additional full-semester or several part-time semesters in Philadelphia, Rome, or Tokyo.

Institute for International Law and Public Policy (IILPP)

Temple’s Institute for International Law & Public Policy (IILPP) provides rich opportunities for students, professors, and members of the legal and policy-making communities to engage with one other in a robust exploration of the relationship between international law and public policy.

China Programs

Temple Law has unparalleled expertise in, experience with, and access to Chinese law, Chinese lawyers, and the Chinese legal system. Temple Law’s initiatives in China are premised on a collaborative relationship with our Chinese partners and designed to develop carefully-selected legal professionals who will make significant contributions to the rule of law in China. Temple accomplishes these goals through our Beijing Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree program in collaboration with Tsinghua University. Additionally, J.D. students have the opportunity to spend a semester in Beijing to learn about the legal system and culture of China at Tsinghua Law School’s study abroad program for foreign law students.