Trial Advocacy

Temple offers a robust trial advocacy program and hands-on clinical and practicum courses that produce the skills needed to enter the world of litigation. There are basic, intensive, and advanced programs in both civil and criminal trial advocacy; a variety of specialized litigation courses; and a host of clinical placements taught by federal and state judges and top criminal and civil litigators. The nationally acclaimed year-long Integrated Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP) gives upper-level students the opportunity to engage in litigation and trial practice to an extent that many practicing lawyers never experience.

Recognized Results

Temple’s Trial Advocacy program has been consistently ranked among the top law school programs in the nation. The program has won awards from the American College of Trial Lawyers, the International Association of Defense Counsel, the American Bar Association’s Committee on Professionalism, the American Law Institute, the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and the Roscoe Pound Foundation of the American Association for Justice. Temple Law is a two-time winner of the American College of Trial Lawyers’ Emil Gumpert Award for Excellence in Teaching Trial Advocacy.

Temple Law is also:

  • A partner with the American College of Trial Lawyers in presenting an annual “Masters of Litigation” program
  • A partner with the Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame, with members visiting campus as advocacy “fellows” to teach advanced classes and summer internships for Temple advocacy students
  • Home of the nation’s first Masters program in trial advocacy.

The National Trial Team

Record of Excellence

  • Won the National Institute of Trial Advocacy’s Tournament of Champions three years in a row.
  • Placed in the top Elite Eight in the NTC national championships a record 15 years in a row, including three national championships and three finalist finishes.
  • National Trial Competition Regional Champions 30 out of the last 33 years.

A highlight of Temple’s Trial Advocacy Program is the championship mock trial team. Temple’s record in competition is extraordinary. In the National Trial Competition-the Super Bowl of Tournaments-we have won three national championships and 30 regional championships; and in other tournaments across the nation Temple has consistently fielded champion teams. Temple sends teams to between eight and ten invitational tournaments annually.

Trial team members are chosen through a competitive selection process and earn academic credit for participation in Advanced Evidence and Motions/Trial Strategy classes and for competition participation. Team members learn how to analyze and master a trial file; take control of a courtroom; discipline hostile and aggressive witnesses; and turn the law of evidence into their ally. Trial team members try at least one case during each semester of membership.

Trial Advocacy Scholarships

Established in 2009 by Stewart J. Eisenberg ‘80 to provide support for the education and training of law students to pursue careers in trial law. Preference is given to students who seek to gain experience with a firm that primarily represents plaintiffs.

Established by Gerald D. Garfinkle, Class of 1967, and his partner, Scott K. Corbman, this fund provides scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need and aptitude in the study of trial advocacy, with priority consideration given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Certificate in Trial Advocacy and Litigation

Temple offers J.D. students the opportunity to graduate with a certificate confirming that the student has concentrated and excelled in the development of advocacy skills. Students take introductory and advanced classes – including some lectures in the LL.M. program – with instruction from faculty and seasoned advocates as well as live-client clinical courses.

LL.M. in Trial Advocacy

Designed to accommodate practicing attorneys, the LL.M. in Trial Advocacy was the first program of its kind in the country. The year-long program integrates the development of theory and theme; develops confidence in presentation, extemporaneous speech, and persuasion in the courtroom; and is an ideal fit for both new graduates and experienced attorneys who aspire to perfect both their litigation tactics and courtroom performance.