Certificate in Trial Advocacy and Litigation

J.D. students who are interested in focusing their studies on trial advocacy can pursue the Certificate in Trial Advocacy and Litigation. Information about course requirements and offerings can be found below. Please note that registration for the Certificate is required; eligible students should complete a registration form, available here, and return it to Professor Sara Jacobson in Klein 611.

Certificate Requirements

  • Successful completion of ITAP and four other Advocacy and Litigation courses in the J.D. program
  • Attendance at five lectures in the LL.M. in Trial Advocacy Program
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in Advocacy courses as well as a 2.50 GPA overall
  • Participation as a witness or juror in designated mock trials or serving as a teaching assistant in an approved advocacy course

Required Courses

2nd year day/3rd year evening:

  • ITAP (Evidence and Trial Advocacy in the Fall; Civil Procedure II and Trial Advocacy II in the Spring).

3rd year day/4th year evening:

  • Students must take 3 electives from either Menu A or Menu B as laid out on the Certificate Registration form
  • 1 Litigation clinical (day students only; evening students take a fourth elective)
  • LL.M. lectures in Litigation Strategy (no credit)