Students who are interested in public health law with a specific focus on
empirical evaluation of policies and laws can pursue the Public Health Law
Certificate Program. In this 12 credit program, students learn about the
integration of behavioral and organizational theory within law and policy,
the mechanisms behind law and policy, and how to systemically evaluate laws
and policy. The culminating experience for the Certificate is an
independent project to evaluate a law or policy of the student’s choice.

The Certificate Program is a 12 credit program with four required courses
(2 courses at the Law School and 2 courses at the College of Public Health).

Required Courses

  • JUDO 9189: Public Health Law (3 credits)
  • HPM 8003: Research Methods in Health Policy (3 credits)
  • EPBI 8012: Multivariate Statistics* (3 credits – counts towards 88 law
    credits needed to graduate)
  • HPM: Health Law Research Project (3 credits – counts towards 88 law credits
    needed to graduate)

Note: *Students must have completed an intro level of biostatistics course
prior to enrolling in the Multivariate course.

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Jennifer Bretschneider