Temple Law uses products from ExamSoft to administer final exams.  Students must use Temple Law’s ExamSoft website to access Take Home exams and are permitted to type their In-Class exams using SoftTest, a program downloaded from ExamSoft.

Using Your Computer for In-Class Exams

Taking an Exam with SofTest – Mac

Taking an Exam with SofTest – Win

SofTest Installation – Mac

SofTest Installation – Win

Students are permitted to type their exams, unless otherwise notified, on their own computers using a program from ExamSoft called SofTest. SofTest is an exam security program that allows students to type exam answers while restricting the ability to access other programs and/or files on your computer, such as email, word documents and the internet.

Please note that you must use your own computer for your exams. The Law School’s loaner computers are NOT AVAILABLE for exams.

In order to take any In-Class exam, whether scheduled or during a Free Slot, on your computer, students must download and register SofTest from Temple Law’s ExamSoft website (www.examsoft.com/templelaw). To download and register SofTest go to the website and enter your log in credentials, which will be emailed to you each semester.  Follow the prompts to download the software and register it.

Students who wish to type their exams must download and register SofTest each academic year. Students must also download an Exam File for each exam they intend to take using SofTest.  Exam Files are answer templates that provide students with blank answer spaces to type essay answers.  Exam Files must be downloaded each semester. To download Exam Files, either follow the prompts after downloading SofTest or log into SofTest and click Download Exam Files.

Downloading SofTest and the Exam Files does not commit students to typing their exams.  Thus, students are advised to download SofTest and their Exam Files even if they are only contemplating typing any exams.

SofTest functions as a word processing program and is fairly easy to use.  If you have any questions regarding SofTest, please email lawexams@temple.edu.

ExamSoft and Take Home Exams

Take Home Exam Instructions

Temple Law uses ExamSoft to administer Take Home exams online.  Students access their Take Home exams through the ExamSoft website, NOT through Softest (please note SofTest is for In-Class Exams only).  Unlike SofTest for In-Class exams, using ExamSoft for Take Home Exams will not block students from accessing other parts of their computers, the internet, Canvas, etc. while working on a Take Home Exam.  It will also not block students from taking an In-Class exam during the time period when they have downloaded a Take Home exam.

Each finals period, Take Home exams are available over a range of dates and due at stated times or after a set length of time. ExamSoft will keep track of when students download questions and upload answers. ExamSoft sends students an automated email message about the dates Take Home exam questions are available for download.  This message should have the same information regarding availability as the exam schedule, but it does not supersede any information on the exam schedule.   Students are advised to avoid uploading exam answers at the last minute they are due – the process takes a few minutes so start uploading the answer file at least five minutes early.  Remember that grade penalties can be assessed for late exam submissions.

STUDENTS CAN ONLY UPLOAD ONE ANSWER FILE FOR AN EXAM.  Thus, if the exam has more than one question, be sure to put the answers to all questions in one document and upload that document as a single PDF.

Complete instructions regarding using ExamSoft for Take Home exams can be found here.

IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS USING EXAMSOFT FOR TAKE HOMES If you have problems downloading your take home exam questions or uploading your answers, please IMMEDIATELY send an email message explaining your problem in detail to lawexams@temple.edu.  Do not contact your professors.