Welcome from Associate Dean Ramji-Nogales

Jaya Ramji-NogalesWelcome to experiential learning at Temple Law School! I am excited to walk you through the broad range of diverse experiential offerings we have for our students. In short, our programs contain a plethora of experiential options for every law student, no matter what your area of interest. Our experiential programs start in your first semester of law school, and can continue through the end of your third year. We recommend that you try several different experiential learning courses over your law school career. Most importantly, you should seek our advice to design an experiential palette tailored to your needs – my door is always open, and our faculty and administrators are excited to offer you tailored guidance on our programs.

Let me start with a definition: experiential learning is skills-based learning, in which you will act as or simulate a real lawyer representing a client.

Temple Law School offers our students several ways to represent clients, known as “live-client” experiential programs. If you want to be the lawyer in a case under the close supervision of a full-time faculty member, you can do so in one of our five in-house clinics. On the opposite end of the experiential spectrum, if you want to be able to design the precise experience that fits your needs and interests, you can do so through our practicum program, with over fifty options each semester. We also offer fourteen external clinics and externship courses where you can learn lawyering skills under the supervision of lawyers in a variety of placements throughout Philadelphia.

Temple Law is nationally recognized for its simulated experiential programs, where you get to act like a lawyer and learn lawyering skills in a carefully thought-through and controlled environment. These offerings start with the Introduction to Transactional Skills program in your first semester, and continue with our renowned Integrated Trial Advocacy Program and our Integrated Transactional Program in your second year. You can find even more simulated opportunities here.

You’ve heard it once but I’ll say it again – be sure to seek our advice so that we can help you find the experiential options that are best suited to your interests. We look forward to hearing from you!

Prof. Jaya Ramji-Nogales
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs