Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia City HallFormer Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil famously observed that “all politics is local.” In Law & Public Policy II, the Scholars test that principle as they immerse themselves in the world of municipal policy-making. Scholars attend the opening session of Philadelphia’s City Council and then meet with Council to learn more about the policy questions relevant to the City of Philadelphia. Working with our liaison to Council, Scholars identify and engage a point of policy from among those on which Council has requested assistance. Current issues include:

  • Smoking Bans
  • Marijuana Decriminalization
  • Local Child Care Tax Credit
  • “Resign and Run” Rule
  • Privatization of Dilworth Plaza
  • School District and Pension Funding Options

Over the course of the semester, Scholars work collaboratively to research the issue and to propose concrete solutions, recognizing that in a global city like Philadelphia, local policy decisions can have impacts that are felt around the world.