Edward Ross died well before any of his family or colleagues were ready. His life and career spanned some 65 years, first as a son and brother then a husband, father, teacher and lawyer. His work in the early years was the quiet labor of helping people in a general practice in first Philadelphia and then New Jersey.

In 1992, Ed partnered with Stephen C. Rubino and together they began a 15 year run as specialists in the area of adult survivors of early childhood sexual abuse. Ed was a tireless voice of justice to hundreds of diverse clients in desperate need of representation against the most powerful governmental and religious institutions in society. His devotion to his family is what drove him to excellence and what defined him as a man and as an attorney.

Ed had a tireless work ethic. He was also a man who could make you laugh in the worst of times. An adventurer who traveled the entire U.S., including Hawaii, as well as the eastern Arctic in Nunavut Canada. A deep thinker. A humane and decent man. Unrelenting. Kind. A person who you could count on no matter how dire the circumstances. A person who put the task at hand and the interest of others before himself.

A bright light went out on January 5, 2008. We will never hear his laugh again but we will always have his memory and that can bring a smile to the face of anyone who knew him.

– Stephen C. Rubino, law partner at Ross and Rubino, with insights from the Ross family

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