The Phyllis W. Beck Lecture

The Phyllis W. Beck Lecture is delivered by a Visiting Professor who has been appointed to the Phyllis W. Beck Professorship in Law Chair.

The Beck Chair was established through the support of the Independence Foundation for the purpose of bringing to the faculty notable leaders or outstanding scholars in law or a field related to law. Beck Chair appointees typically teach, engage with the law school community, and deliver the Beck Lecture during their tenure.

Year / Semester Appointee
2018-2019 Robert Schwartz
2015-2016 Nan Feyler
2012-2013 Ann S. Torregrossa
2009-2010 Emeritus Professor Frank McClellan
Fall 2007 Mark Heywood
Fall 2005 Sylvia Law
Fall 2002 Theodore M. Shaw
Spring 1999 Carrie Menkel-Meadow