Audition Information

All current students beyond the first year may audition for spots on the 2018-19 Trial Team. Review the ‘Memorandum to Prospective Trial Team Members’ below for trial team participation details.

To audition, students may choose to prepare either a direct examination or a cross examination of the robbery victim, to last no more than 5 minutes; and to give 5 minutes of either an opening statement or closing argument for either side in the case file, Boatwright, posted under audition materials below.  Also posted below is a narrated PowerPoint lecture on the Fundamentals of Direct and Cross for your review.

The final selection of 2018-2019 trial team members will be determined after fall auditions have concluded.

Audition Materials

Audition Dates

Fall auditions will be held on Thursday, August 30th, beginning at 9:00 a.m. There is only one round of tryouts this fall.

Fall audition sign up will begin on Monday, August 20th. You can contact or stop by Room K612 to sign up for an audition time. NOTE: Auditions are scheduled every 10 minutes during audition time listed above.