Since 1999, Temple has educated 1,214 legal professionals through our various China initiatives. 855 (70%) of these participants have been from the public sector, including 381 judges, 160 prosecutors, 108 government officials, 160 law professors, and 46 NGO legal staff.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree Program in Beijing

  • 540 Beijing LL.M. graduates and 49 current students (total of 589 students)
    • 298 (56%) are from the public sector, including judges, prosecutors, government officials such as NPC and State Council legal staff, and law professors.
  • 52 ethnic minorities, many from Western China, have graduated or are currently students.

Judicial Education Program

  • 239 judges from throughout China completed three-month program at the National Judicial College in Beijing.
  • 206 judges participated in the subsequent one-month intensive program in the United States.

Scholarly Roundtables and Workshops

  • Fair Criminal Trial Workshop (Xining, July 2010)
  • Experiential Legal Education Course Materials Workshop (Beijing, July 2007; Qingdao,
    July 2009)
  • Private International Law—Conflicts of Law Roundtable (Philadelphia, July 2005)
  • Environmental Law and Policy Roundtable (Philadelphia, July 2004)
  • Law and Regulation of the Internet Roundtable (Philadelphia, July 2003)
  • WTO Law Roundtable (Philadelphia, July 2002)

AIDS and Public Health Law Initiatives

  • NGO Training on Law and Policy in HIV/AIDS Prevention conference (Beijing, July
    2006) and Health Law Workshop (Beijing, July 2006)
  • Sino-American Conference on China Health Law (Kunming, August 2005) and Health
    Law and Ethics Workshop for HIV/AIDS Campaign (Beijing, August 2005)
  • Chinese Health Law Curriculum Development Workshop (Philadelphia, July 2004)

Law Drafting and Implementation Projects

  • Temple provided expert technical assistance at the request of Chinese legislative drafting
    committees by hosting a Property Law Conference (Beijing, June 2002) and a Torts Law
    Conference (Beijing, October 2003).

Updated: 7/15/2015