Temple supports scholarly research by American and Chinese law professors as well as curriculum development for Chinese law schools in developing areas of law. Academic roundtables and workshops are designed to provide input and advice to Chinese legislators, regulators, scholars, and judges as they develop China’s legal infrastructure and institutionalize the rule of law.

These programs result in comparative law publications and proposed legislation. Past topics include:

  • Fair Criminal Trial Workshop (July 2010)
  • Experiential Legal Education Curriculum Development (July 2007, July 2009)
  • Private International Law—Conflicts of Law (July 2005)
  • Environmental Law and Policy (July 2004)
  • Law and Regulation of the Internet (July 2003)
  • WTO Law Roundtable (July 2002)

In addition to these programs, Temple faculty work directly with their counterparts in China on specific research projects of mutual interest. The law school regularly hosts visiting scholars from China, and each year Temple faculty teach courses and speak at conferences.

AIDS and Health Law

Temple has taken an active role in AIDS and Health Law initiatives in China. The Chinese Health Law Curriculum Development Workshop (July 2004) in Philadelphia developed health law and regulation curricula for Chinese law schools, resulting in the first Chinese language law book on the topic. Tsinghua law school, in collaboration Temple, subsequently created a health law research center to carry out more in-depth scholarly activities in this field. Temple continues to support the growth of this center through academic exchange and program guidance.

Law Drafting and Implementation

Temple provided expert technical assistance at the request of Chinese legislative drafting committees by hosting a Property Law Conference (June 2002) and a Torts Law Conference (October 2003) in Beijing.