Foreign Exchange Programs

Our Foreign Exchange Mission

The legal job market is rapidly internationalizing, with a growing need for attorneys skilled in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, international commercial arbitration and dispute resolution, antidumping and competition law, project finance, and global compliance. Moreover, whether students practice international law or not, they will likely encounter international issues in their domestic practice, including immigration, international sales, and foreign property issues. Our objective in allowing students to study abroad for credit toward the J.D. degree is to enable them to experience firsthand how law is practiced overseas and learn how to use their own knowledge and skills to succeed in such transnational work. Study abroad will also teach them new forms of legal reasoning, increase their intercultural legal competence, and, where applicable, their professional foreign language ability. All of these skills acquired from the study abroad experience are an ideal complement to our international law coursework and crucial to becoming global legal professionals.

In addition to the Summer Program in Rome and the Semester Abroad Program in Tokyo, Temple offers Foreign Exchange Programs with partner universities in China, Columbia, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

Past Enrollment

Since Fall 2013, 5 JD students studied at Tsinghua University (China), 2 JD students studied at Tel Aviv University (Israel), 3 JD students studied at Lucerne University (Switzerland), 7 JD students studied at Utrecht University (Netherlands), 2 JD students studied at InterAmerican University (Puerto Rico), 3 JD students studied at Cork College (Ireland), and 1 JD student studied at Universidad del Rosario (Colombia).

Country Travel Safety

The U.S. Department of State Travel website provides information on crime and security, health and medical conditions and the location of the U.S. embassy and any consular offices through Country-Specific Information sheets on every country in the world. We encourage all students and their families to review this information for any countries they may be traveling to at

Accessibility of Country, City and Facilities to Students with Disabilities

Students needing accommodations should contact the Graduate and International Law Office. In the countries of our exchange partners, there are limitations on accommodations for persons with physical disabilities. However, reasonable efforts will be made to address special needs.

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