Temple Rome academic program is housed in the Villa Caproni, a handsome building facing the Tiber River in the heart of Rome, an ideal setting for a study abroad center. Just north of Piazza del Popolo and within short walking distance of the Spanish Steps and the Borghese Gardens, the Villa Caproni is convenient to living accommodations, shops and historical sites.

The Villa serves as the hub of all program activity, with newly expanded and renovated classrooms, studios and student lounges, a computer lab, wireless Internet system,.
The Temple University Rome campus maintains a library for the support of its undergraduate programs in Rome.  Although it is not a fully equipped law library, law faculty may place supplemental materials on reserve.  In addition, a number of items in the library’s permanent collection, such as the Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, and the European Union Treaties, Regulations and Directives, serve as useful references both for law students as well as for the other graduate and undergraduate students who attend Temple Rome.

As you walk in, you will also find the offices of our dedicated administration and staff, all of whom have been working with Temple Rome students for many years.

Students With Special Access Needs

The city of Rome is not easily accessible for individuals who have difficulty walking. A student with special housing, medical, or access needs should notify the Law School International Programs Office immediately, and we will do our best to provide assistance. It is our hope that every student will have a rewarding summer in Rome.