Tuition & Fees for Summer Semester 2020

Tuition: $3,800

Application Fee: $50

University Services Fees: $102-$170*

*Students registered for 2-4 credits pay $102 in university services fees. Students registered for 5 credits pay $170 in university services fees.

Personal Expenses

Expense Category Budget
(Round trip estimated)
$500 – $1,600**
Housing $800 – $2,300***
U.S. Passport (optional) $157
Books, meals, spending money, personal expenses  $1700-$2700 ****

Total Range (including tuition and program fees): $6,952 – $10,620

**Airfares are estimated based on East Coast departure. Actual airfares may be higher for West Coast originating flights.

***Housing cost based on a studio apartment rate for those in residence from May 22 to June 22 is approximately $2,300. Students are encouraged to find their own accommodations, which can be as low as $800. One suggestion is the Residence Prati 

****The above figures are estimates of major expenses which may be incurred in conjunction with your study abroad enrollment. They are based on the average spent in the past year and exchange rates. Actual expenses will vary according to spending habits and preferences as well as on the exchange rate at the time you make your purchase or charge your credit card for expenses paid in Euros.

Financial Aid

Temple students enrolled for at least 4 credits may use student loans to cover all or part of the Rome summer program budget, including tuition and estimated living expenses, books and round-trip travel. For more information, please contact the Law School Financial Aid Office in 101 Barrack Hall.