Because student preferences for accommodation vary and because past students have often found housing before they arrive, we do not provide housing for law students. We will provide, during the Fall Semester before you depart for Japan, information on how to search for housing. Because real estate in Tokyo is expensive, living space tends to be much smaller for the price than in the U.S. Nevertheless, you can locate affordable accommodation within reasonable commuting distance of the university.

If you request us to do so, we will arrange temporary housing at a discounted rate of approximately $65 per night (single room) for when you arrive.  You will also have the option to remain in that housing for the semester.  Some students have preferred to arrange independently, before they depart for Japan, cheaper temporary housing for the three or four days after they arrive.  Either approach will enable you view your housing options, and perhaps find a roommate, before you choose your accommodation for the semester. Roughly half our students do secure housing for the semester before they arrive in Japan.