Tuition for Spring Semester 2021

Tuition: $12,938

Student Activities Fee: $336

Students are billed for tuition and fees before departing. These costs are paid in dollars to Temple University in Philadelphia. Students paying full-time tuition may take up to 15 credits. Students taking fewer than 10 credits pay on a per-credit basis. Language class, which does not appear on the student’s transcript, may be audited for an additional $600. A $200 non-refundable seat deposit is required within 15 days of admission, and will be applied toward tuition. Tuition is not refundable after the first week of classes.

Please note that the regular tuition and student activities fee for Spring 2021 are subject to change pending final budget approval by Temple University.

Personal Expenses

The following is the estimated budget for the spring-2020 semester program. Please remember that no matter where you attend law school you will incur living, tuition and related school expenses.

Expense Category Budget
Housing & Utilities $5,455*
Japanese National Health Insurance (mandatory) $47
Airfare $1,400**
Food/Personal Expenses $5,455
Daily Commuting $364
Books & Supplies $900
Language Study (optional) $600

TOTAL (does not include optional Japanese language fee): $26,895

* Based on the cost for four months of an average studio apartment near the University.  You can find more affordable housing – studio apartments, shared housing, and “guest houses” – outside central Tokyo, but your daily commuting costs and your traveling time will increase.

** While students likely will find a less expensive airfare, $1,400 is the average cost of a commercial airline ticket. 

Financial needs will vary depending on your spending habits. The projected budget above, while not extravagant, is designed to permit you to borrow as much as you might reasonably need while studying in Tokyo. The figure for each category of expense is the most that we believe you will reasonably need to spend on that category.  Some of these figures likely exceed the amount you will require if you are thrifty.

We estimated costs based on an exchange rate of ¥110.00 = $1 U.S. (as of April 2020). The rate could and probably will change.

Financial Aid

Temple Law Students

If you are eligible for financial aid, you may use this aid for the Tokyo Law Program. In applying for aid, use the projected “Financial Aid Program Budget” for the J.D. Semester-Abroad Program.

Non-Temple Law Students

If you are a student from a law school other than Temple who is earning credit toward a degree, you can usually apply your federal loans to the program costs through a financial aid consortium agreement. In order to complete your financial aid paperwork on time, submit your application for admission to the program as early as possible in the fall semester. After being admitted to the Program, you should contact your school’s Financial Aid Office, and then contact Temple’s Financial Aid Office to facilitate the process.

Students attending TUJ may also apply for also the following sources of funding for study in Asia: