Aaron Spencer

U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps

Policy Paper: “Sexual Assault in the Military”

Alexander Kipperman

DC Charitable Games and Lottery Control Board

Policy Paper: “Creating a Coherent Regulatory Framework for Laboratory-Developed Tests”

Benjamin Kraut

Department of Veterans Affairs

Policy Paper: “Addressing the Rise of Water Conflict through Executive Action: A Strategy for the Coming Global Crisis”

Chris Yaracs

Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Bureau

Policy Paper: “Private Prisons, Public Peril: Mass Incarceration and the Prison Economy”

Elyssa Geschwind

National Fair Housing Alliance

Policy Paper: “The Future of Anti-Discrimination Laws: Moving from an Enforcement Model to a Compliance Model under the FHA”

Frank Iannuzzi

Environment America

Policy Paper: “Reviving Postal Banking”

Gerard Leone

Federal Communications Commission, Office of Administrative Judges

Policy Paper: “More Neutral Internet Through Common Carriage”

Ikram Ally

Public Defender Service of D.C., Criminal Trial Practice

Policy Paper: “The Criminalization of Mental Illness”

Janice Arellano


Policy Paper: “Revisiting the FMLA: Promoting Work/Life Balance for All Workers”

Jessica Pelliciotta


Policy Paper: “The Electronic Communications Privacy Act: the Necessity of Reform & Proposed Action”

Kevin Brett

Office of Senator Pat Toomey

Policy Paper: “The JOBS Act and SEC Rulemaking”

Lauren Marsh


Policy Paper: “The Intersection of International Child Abduction and Domestic Violence”

Leslie Allen

Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disabilities

Policy Paper: “HIV Vaccine: Addressing the Potential for Market Failure”

Michael Resnick

Doyle, Barlow & Mazard

Policy Paper: “Merchant Banking”

Rachel Matesic

Small Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Division

Policy Paper: “The Expanding Role of Public-Private Partnerships in the Executive Branch”

Sarah Escalante

Federal Courts

Policy Paper: “Foreign Cultural Exchange on Trial: Closing the Gap Between the Immunity from Seizure Act and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act”

Victor de Meireles

Law Offices of Irena Karpinski (Immigration)

Policy Paper: “Immigration Reform: Encouraging Legal Immigration”