Steven Arose

Small Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Division

Policy Paper: A Commitment to Openness: an analysis of CFIUS regulation in the 21st century

Nicholas Barnes

Federal Trade Commission, Division of Marketing Practices

Policy Paper: Where’s Waldo? Creating Uniform Standards for Prosecutorial Collection of Cell Site Data

Amanda Cappelletti

Child Care Aware of America

Policy Paper: Pennsylvania’s Children: An Examination of the Law Guiding Nutrition in Child Care Facilities and the Barriers to Setting Healthier Standards

Christopher Carney


Policy Paper: Privacy and the USA Freedom Act

Rachel Cook

Federal Communications Commission, Office of Commissioner Michael O'Rielly

Policy Paper: Net Neutrality: The Great Distraction

Harris Cornell

Department of Justice, Civil Division, Torts Branch, Aviation and Admiralty Section

Policy Paper: Simple Economics and Why Social Security is Running Dry

Rhiannon M. DiClemente

Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE)

Policy Paper: Common Cause: Linking LGBT Liberation and Reproductive Justice to Achieve Global Human Rights

Bryant Eng

Department of Justice, Community Relations Service

Policy Paper: The Costs of High Frequency Trading

Merlin George

Public Employee Relations Board

Policy Paper: The Family and Medical Leave Act and Low-Income Families

Kevin Hill

Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Office of Enforcement Operations

Policy Paper: Recidivism Reduction: Closing the Revolving Prison Door Through Sentencing Reform, Increased Judicial Discretion, and Merit-Based Rehabilitative Prison

Liz Hines

National Fair Housing Alliance

Policy Paper: Where You Live Is What You Eat

Ariel Martin

Office of Congressman Fattah

Policy Paper: Pennies for Progress: A Fiscal Approach to Education Reform

Paul J. McLaughlin Jr.

Department of Justice, Civil Division, Torts Branch, Aviation and Admiralty Section

Policy Paper: Oil Disasters and America’s Navigable Waterways: Who is Regulating Whom?

Zachary Morgan

Doyle, Barlow, & Mazzard

Policy Paper: Public-Private Partnerships: How They Can Solve the American Transportation Infrastructure Crisis

Serena M. Nguyen

Aequitas: A Prosecutor's Resource on Violence Against Women

Policy Paper: The War at Home: Domestic Violence in the Military

Jason B. Reeves

Office of Senator Robert Casey

Policy Paper: Campus Sexual Assault Adjudication

Cheri Snook

Law Offices of Irena I. Karpinski

Policy Paper: A Proportional Response

Megan Stupak

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

Policy Paper: Human Trafficking in the US: Reducing the Revictimization of Foreign National Victims