1L Orientation: Financial Aid and Billing

The Law School has its own financial aid office dedicated to law students. It is located in Barrack Hall with other students services offices, including the Admissions Office.  You should contact the Law School Financial Aid Office with any questions about financial aid, billing, refunds. etc.

Phone: 215-204-8943 or 800-560-1428
Email: lwfinaid@temple.edu
Fax: 215-204-9319
Location: Barrack Hall, Suite 101

Tuition Bill:

  • Fall 2020 tuition balance notifications will be e-mailed to all incoming students to their Temple e-mail addresses the week of July 20th.
  • The notification will direct you to view your tuition account information on TUPay.
  • Bills are due by the date indicated under your Current Account Activity on TUPay.
  • After the bills are generated you can view your bill online anytime on the Student Tools tab of the TUPortal under Student Accounts. Click on the TU Pay link and you will be directed to the online billing system.
  • Questions or problems regarding your tuition balance notification should be directed to the Law School Financial Aid Office at lwfinaid@temple.edu, (215) 204-8943 or 800-560-1428.

Paying Your Balance:

  • Students with a balance due on their tuition account may pay their tuition balance via cash, credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express) or e-check.
  • Credit card payments will only be accepted through TUPay and will not be accepted in person or by telephone.  When a credit card is used, a convenience fee of 2.75% will be charged in addition to any tuition and fees.
  • Students can authorize an e-check payment without a convenience fee.  Similar to a debit card, e-check electronically debits a checking or savings account.  Payment using e-check is only available through TUPay.
  • Students can also authorize other payers on their tuition accounts via TUPay.
  • More information on paying your bill can be found on the Bursar’s Office website.

Financial Aid Award:

  • Most financial aid awards for incoming students have been completed and you can view your financial aid online.
  • If you are expecting financial aid in an amount which equals or exceeds your tuition bill, no additional payment is required.
  • Expected financial aid awards will be applied (credited) to your tuition account the week of August 17th.
  • Most federal direct loans are scheduled to be disbursed to Temple that week as well, however you must complete the Master Promissory Note and mandatory online entrance counseling before any loan funds can be applied to your tuition account. (See Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling information below)
  • Once all of your aid has been applied to your account you are entitled to the excess funds in the form of a refund from the university.  (See Direct Deposit information below)
  • Refunds for new students will not be released until after orientation and registration on August 17th.  You must officially matriculate at Temple Law School before we can release a refund to you and August 17th is your official matriculation date.  Signing up for direct deposit will help ensure that you receive your funds as quickly as possible.

Students who are receiving loans are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.  Once your loan proceeds have been credited to your tuition account, you are entitled to any funds in excess of your tuition and fees.  Refunds can be deposited directly into your individual checking or savings account and you will have access to your funds faster than if a check had to be mailed to you.  If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will receive your refund in a Temple University check which will be mailed to you. The University only issues paper refund checks two times a week.

You can sign up for direct deposit on the TUPortal.

  • Once you log on to the TUPortal click on the “Student Tools” tab at the top of the page.
  • In the “Student Accounts” box (should appear at the top right-hand corner of page) click on TUPay and select “Student Choice Refunds”.
  • Within Student Choice Refunds, select “Edit Refund Method” to sign up for Direct Deposit.
  • This is where you will enter your account information and authorize the University to deposit any refund you are entitled to directly into your savings or checking account.
  • Refunds are scheduled to be sent during the first week of classes. We are not permitted to release any financial aid refunds until you officially enroll as a student on August 17th and you should plan your budget accordingly.

Federal regulations require that all incoming students who are receiving federal Stafford or Grad Plus loan complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for each loan and an entrance counseling interview prior to receiving their funds.  The MPN is an agreement between you and the lender in which you promise to repay the loan according to the terms and conditions that are specified in the agreement. The entrance counseling interview is designed to outline your rights and responsibilities as a borrower of federal loans as well as acquaint you with some important financial aid terms and definitions.

  • You can find the MPNs and the online entrance counseling interview for the Direct Stafford and Grad Plus loans at http://www.studentaid.gov.
  • The links to Complete a Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note) and to Complete Loan Entrance Counseling are available under Popular Topics on the In School tab.
  • The online entrance interview will cover you for both the direct subsidized/unsubsidized and Grad Plus loans.

Note: If you have already completed the online entrance interview it will appear as satisfied on the TUPortal by early August, after the university interface is completed with the Dept. of Education website.

When a student enters Temple University, regardless of age, FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rights transfer from the parent to the student. Therefore, the University cannot disclose a student’s education records, including financial aid information, without the written consent of the student. The Financial Aid Office cannot discuss your financial aid with anyone besides you unless a FERPA Waiver is on file for that individual. You can read more about FERPA here. To fill out a FERPA waiver, follow these directions.

Temple Law School has partnered with AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to legal education.  Through this partnership we are able to offer the MAX program which is a free financial education curriculum designed exclusively for law students.  The MAX program provides quick and easy to understand lessons in a format that is accessible and engaging.

The MAX Program curriculum will be available throughout your enrollment at Temple Law school, with customized topics for each class level that will include in-person workshops, online and virtual programming, and one-on-one counseling.

Students who participate in the MAX program will be entered into a scholarship drawing for each completed lesson or workshop, with a chance to win up to $40,000 toward your 2021-2022 tuition. AccessLex had several scholarships winners last year including a Temple Law student who received a $5,000 scholarship!

We are happy to offer you the MAX Program and hope that you will find it helpful during your time here at the law school.

As an introduction to the MAX program and in preparation for your first semester of law school, we will be hosting a Financial Planning for Law School Students webinar that will be presented by AccessLex.

Financial Planning for Law School Students – Wednesday, August 19th  6:00 – 7:00 PM – Login information on Orientation page on Canvas

From developing a simple spending plan to outlining your financial plan, smart money strategies lay the foundation for every law students’ personal and professional success story. Learn to apply core concepts of personal finance to make confident decisions about money and better achieve your short and long-term goals.

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