1L Orientation: Getting Started

Starting your 1L year can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  We’ve compiled some helpful housekeeping items below to help you get started.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions.  We’re here to help and we look forward to welcoming you to Temple Law School on August 17th!

The Law School has developed an attendance policy which addresses the circumstances under which students may request to take all of their fall semester courses online, and the procedures for making such a request.

Please review this policy, which includes the two distinct processes to request a fully online schedule in the event that you (1) fall into a high risk group or have a physical or mental health condition that necessitates a fully online schedule or (2) have personal circumstances related to the pandemic that give rise to a need for a full or partial online course load.


Temple Law School Attendance Policy

Temple University has issued guidance which governs class attendance and provides guidance to students in three situations related to the coronavirus pandemic: (1) situations in which a student falls into a high risk group or has a physical or mental health condition that necessitates a fully online schedule (2) situations where a student has personal circumstances that give rise to a preference for a full or partial online course load and (3) situations where a student becomes ill during the semester and/or is required to self-isolate.  Temple Law students are required to follow the University and Law School attendance requirements and procedures as outlined below for each of these situations.  Students who have questions or need assistance should contact Assistant Dean for Students Jen Bretschneider at jennifer.bretschneider@temple.edu.

Students in Need of an Academic Adjustment for a Fully Online Course Schedule as a Result of a Physical or Health Condition:  In accordance with the University “Coronavirus: Planning a Safe Return” Guidance, law students who have a physical or mental health condition that gives rise to the need for reasonable accommodations, including fully online classes, should contact Temple’s Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS) for assistance at drs@temple.edu or 215-204-1280.  Students should also contact Associate Director of Student Services Britt Walden at britt.walden@temple.edu so that the Office of Student Affairs can assist students with the process and work to implement any necessary accommodations.

Students Who Require a Fully Online Course Schedule for Pandemic Related Reasons:  The University “Coronavirus: Planning a Safe Return” Guidance and the American Bar Association guidelines require that law students may attend classes remotely (for classes otherwise held in person) only if there are personal circumstances related to the COVID-19 emergency that prevent or make impracticable attendance at in-person classes.  Students who fall into this category should fill out this form.  Students will be asked to provide an explanation to support the request and explain in what way the situation, which is related to the COVID-19 emergency, prevents or makes impracticable attendance at in-person classes.  Students should consider, in their assessment of the ability to take classes in person, that any live-client experiential courses may involve classes and coursework at placements outside the law school; contacts with clients; and visits to court.

Students Who Experience a Sudden Illness or Need to Self-Isolate During the Semester: Temple University has issued the COVID-19 Class Attendance and Engagement policy which sets out required procedures students must follow in the event of illness or need to self-isolate during the semester.  Students are required to follow this policy and must also notify Assistant Dean for Students Jen Bretschneider at jennifer.bretschneider@temple.edu in the event of illness or need to self-isolate.


All acceptances are conditioned upon completion of all requirements for your undergraduate degree prior to your matriculation at Temple Law School on August 17, 2020 as shown on a final, official transcript from the institution conferring your undergraduate degree.

A final, official transcript which shows the conferral of your degree which was sent to LSAC as part of your CAS report is acceptable. However, if a final transcript is not included in your CAS report from LSAC, you must either have a final, official transcript forwarded from your undergraduate college directly to Temple Law School’s Admissions Office or to LSAC so that your CAS report can be updated.

If you anticipate any issues in complying with this requirement, please contact the Law School Admissions Office immediately.  Under ABA standards, any student for whom we have not received an official, final transcript by October 15, 2020 will have their fall semester classes dropped and will not be eligible to return to the Law School until we have received their official, final transcript.

All Temple students are required to carry their OWLcard – the Temple photo ID card- when on campus.  The ID card is required to enter most university buildings, including both Klein and Barrack Hall, the main law school buildings.  Your ID card is also used to store any parking privileges or Diamond Dollars that you may sign up for.

We recommend that you submit your photo electronically.  The Law School Admissions Office will distribute all OWLcards for which a photo has been submitted during the week of Orientation.  It takes three business days from the time you submit your photo online for your ID card to be prepared so we encourage you to submit your photo well in advance of orientation.  Please refer to the attached sheet to view the specific requirements for submitting your photoIt is very important that the subject line of the email say “LAW (Your TUid number) photo”.

Once you have received your OWLCard, you can begin using your cell phone as your OWLcard using OWLcard mobile.  Learn more about this unique and convenient feature.

Tech Help Desk Hours

Tuesday, August 4th – 12 noon

Thursday, August 6th – 6:00 pm

Monday, August 10th – 12 noon

Wednesday, August 12th – 6:00 pm



Student Computer Recommendations

In order to make sure that you have adequate computer and technology resources to participate in online courses, please refer to these student computing recommendations.


Technology Support

Temple Law School provides students, staff and faculty with technology support services—including virus removal, computer and technology troubleshooting and audio/visual assistance—through the computer services help desk located in Klein Hall room 104.


Wireless Printing

Each semester, all Temple Law students receive 300 physical pages of free printing from the Law School’s public printers located in the Klein Law Library and Barrack Hall. Wireless printing allows students to print documents to the public printers from their personal laptops when connected to the University’s TUSecureWireless network, eliminating the need to transfer files to a lab computer using email, online service, or USB drive for the sole purpose of printing.

Founded in 2001, The Philadelphia Diversity Law Group (PDLG) is an organization committed to increasing the number of attorneys of diverse backgrounds working at law firms and corporate law departments in the Greater Philadelphia region. This year, PDLG will be holding a Virtual Boot Camp which will offer a taste of the law school experience for students entering their 1L year.

The Virtual Boot Camp will be held online over four evenings, August 10th – 13th, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. It has been designed especially for incoming students who may not have substantial direct or detailed knowledge about the law school experience. The program is an opportunity to learn more about what law school will be like, what is taught in the 1L courses, and various approaches to studying.

The PDLG Virtual Boot Camp is an optional program, and you are not required to participate. It is free and there is no application process – you need only sign up.  More information is in the attached announcement and the sign up page is on the PDLG website, www.pdlg.net.

Temple University offers a variety of parking options. PLEASE NOTE: You must obtain your student ID card (OWLcard) before you can sign up for parking.

Current rates and a description of the parking options available to students can be found by visiting the Parking Services website and selecting Student Parking on Main Campus. Students who plan to drive to campus should choose either the Semester Commuter or Flex Parking option.  For students who don’t plan to park on a regular basis, there is also an hourly lot. The option you choose will depend on how many days you expect to park.

Temple law students have the option of selecting of purchasing health insurance through the University Benefits Office. Detailed Information on the plans available through Temple University can be found at www.temple.edu/hr/students. Plan information for the 2020-21 academic year is not yet available, but will be posted shortly.

Currently, the university’s contract does not allow for part-time students to sign up for health insurance. However, given the structure of the evening division the Law School has been able to arrangement with the University Benefits Office to allow evening students who are paying flat rate tuition (as all our first year students do) to be eligible to purchase health insurance through the university plan.

The need to carry cash is virtually eliminated.  Your University ID (OWLcard) serve as a means to access to your Diamond Dollars account. Simply deposit funds into your account, then use your University ID all over campus to make purchases!  Purchases at the Temple University Bookstore, Copy Centers, Vending Machines, Parking Services, and on-campus restaurants are all made easier and faster with Diamond Dollars!

For more information and to deposit funds to your OWLcard, visit the Diamond Dollars website.

Temple University participates in the University Pass program, which provides a discount for SEPTA transit. This joint program between Temple and SEPTA is a semester-based transit pass program available to all full-time registered students.

Your can find detailed information and pricing along with the application form on the University Bursar’s Office website.

University Pass sales are limited to amounts in stock. For questions, please e-mail bursar@temple.edu.

Contact J.D. Admissions

Temple Law Financial Aid