Can I apply for transfer status if my current law school has implemented a pass/fail grading system?

Yes.  Due to the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Temple Law School will accept applications for transfer status from candidates who currently attend a law school which has converted to a Pass/Fail grading system for the spring 2020 semester.  For students who are admitted as a transfer student for the fall 2020 semester, we will accept for credit courses completed at your current law school under a Pass/Fail grading system.

What qualities do you look for in transfer applicants?

The evaluation process for transfer students is similar to the process used to evaluate incoming students for admission. We look for well-rounded students with a diversity of perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and ideas who have successfully completed their first year of law school. While LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs are not part of the transfer application evaluation process, we do look for students who have done well academically in their first year of law school.

If I have previously applied to Temple Law and was denied admission or placed on the waitlist, will it impact my transfer application?

No, your transfer application will be reviewed as a new application. However, your previous application materials will still be on file with our office.

What are the preferred GPA and class rank for transfer applicants?

There is no preferred GPA for transfer students as law schools use differing grading scales. However, in order to be competitive for transfer, applicants should be ranked in the top 20% of their 1L class.

We can still consider applications from students whose current law school does not provide a class rank. However, we will need something in writing form your current law school verifying that the school does not provide class rank. This information can be included in the letter from your current school (this letter also needs to certify that you have completed the first year, are in good standing and are eligible to continue at your law school).

Can I transfer from any law school?

We will consider a transfer application from a student who has attended a law school which is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) and is a member of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS).

How can I tell whether my law school transcript, letter of good standing and class rank were received by Temple Law?

You can use the Online Status Checker to monitor whether these documents were received by Temple Law. A link to the Online Status Checker is contained in the email confirming receipt of your application.

I have already completed 2 years of law school. Can I still apply to Temple Law School?

You cannot transfer to Temple Law if you have completed 2 years of law school as a full-time student. Only first-year course work (a maximum of 32 credits) is accepted for purposes of granting advanced standing to transfer applicants. Full-time students who would like to attend Temple Law School for their third year of law school should apply as a visiting student. Visiting students complete their final year of coursework at Temple, but will receive their law degree from their home school.

When will I receive a decision on my transfer application?

We typically begin reviewing transfer applications in late June/early July. We will only review applications which are complete and for which we have received a letter of good standing, class rank (if applicable), CAS report, and transcript showing all 1L grades.

When will I know whether Temple Law will accept the credits that I completed at my current school?

Once you have been admitted as a transfer student, you will meet with a representative from the Office of Student Services who will review your 1L transcript with you and notify you as to which courses and credits will transfer to Temple Law. At this meeting, you will also receive guidance on registering for 2L courses. Students admitted as transfers to Temple Law must complete any of the courses of our mandated first-year curriculum which were not completed at their original law school.

As a transfer student, will I be eligible for scholarships and/or financial aid?

Transfer students are not considered for admissions merit scholarships but are considered for endowed scholarships based on academic or law school involvement after their first semester at Temple. Transfer students may be eligible for federal and private loans and work study at any time during their enrollment at Temple Law.

Will my current GPA or class rank transfer to Temple Law?

No. Your Temple GPA and class rank will be determined only by your performance at Temple Law.

Will I be eligible for graduation honors as a transfer student?

Yes. Transfer students will be eligible for Order of the Coif and for summa, magna and cum laude honors.

Can I participate in On Campus Interviewing (OCI)?

Once you have been admitted and have reserved your seat, the Office of Career Services will work with you to facilitate your participation in the early rounds of OCI.

Will I be able to write for the Temple Law Review or the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal as a 2L?

No. The write-on competition for Temple Law Review and the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal takes place before decisions are made on transfer applications. However, transfer students are welcome to participate in the write-on competition after their 2L year.

Similarly, try-outs for Temple’s National Trial Team and Moot Court Competition Team take place before decisions are made on transfer applications. However, transfer students are welcome to try out for these teams after their 2L year.

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