LL.M. in Trial Advocacy Adjunct Faculty

LL.M. in Taxation Adjunct Faculty

J.D. Program Adjunct Faculty for Fall 2017

Instructor Course Taught
Barrett, Richard ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Baxter, Edward Business Mergers and Acquisitions
Beckley, Frances State and Local Taxation
Bluestine, Marissa Innocence and Wrongful Convictions
Blum, David Transactional Practice I
Bollinger, Dorothy Cyberprivacy Law
Bosio, Stephen Transactional Practice I
Chen, Hon. Ida Transactional Practice I
Collier, Richard Drug & Medical Device Law
Cunningham, Charles ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
DeFusco-Ochal, Mary ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Endy, Bruce Labor Law
Franzel, Bruce ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Grode, Jonathan Legal, Professional & Business Aspects of Law Practice
Gulia, Peter ERISA Fiduciary Provisions
Halber, Lori Transactional Practice I
Hodge, Samuel Anatomy for Litigators
Levy-Tatum, Jennifer Contracts
Lieser, Len Education Law
Litvin, Robert Introduction to Employee Benefits
Lloret, Richard ATA-Speechmaking, (Trial Advocacy)
Mallios, Christopher ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Mandelbaum, David Environmental Litigation: Contamination & Superfund
Marshall, Barrett Family Law
Maslowski, Steven Patent Litigation
McCann, Edward Professional Responsibility
McClellan, Frank Health Care Law: Medical Malpractice
McClinton, Joanna ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Messing, Paul ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Miller, Floyd Criminal Tax Litigation & Procedure: White Collar Crime
Milstein, Alan Health Care Law: Bioethics
Moll-Taylor, Kate Accounting for Lawyers
Mosee, George ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Mulkey, Marcia Toxic Chemical Regulation
Perez, Mia ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Pond, Samuel Workers’ Compensation
Powell, Norman Secured Transactions
Rachlin, Mark Business Intellectual Property
Restrepo, L. Felipe ATA-Criminal (Trial Advocacy)
Rice, Timothy Evidence
Risch, Michael Introduction to Intellectual Property
Rogoff, Ellen Employment Discrimination
Roper, Mary Catherine ATA-Civil (Trial Advocacy)
Rose, Burton Habeas Corpus
Saccullo, Anthony Commercial Bankruptcy-Practice and Procedures
Sanchez, Juan ATA-Criminal (Trial Advocacy)
Scalio, Joseph Real Estate Taxation
Schwartz, Robert Developing Children’s Rights
Scott, Kai ITAP I, Performance Section (Trial Advocacy)
Sedlack, Joseph Estate Planning I
Shechtman, David Taxation II
Shuttleworth, Brad Legal Research and Writing
Siembieda, Matthew International Compliance
Sisk, P. Douglas Mediation Advocacy and Practice
Smollen, Jon Introduction to Compliance
Speltzer, Christopher Copyrights
Spivey, Kimberly International Taxation
Stein, Neil Real Estate Transactions
Weintraub, Stewart State and Local Taxation