Fall On-Campus Interviewing

In spring 2020, Temple Law School decided to postpone Fall OCI from the first week of August.

The rescheduled program will take place starting January 20, 2021. Registration for this OCI session will begin on September 21. Employers are welcome to register for OCI at any time, but if a firm is interested in the first Round of OCI, registration should be completed by October 30, 2020. Registration will take place in the CPM. If you have any questions, please contact Molly Driscoll at molly.driscoll@temple.edu or 215-204-8806.

In Fall 2020, OCI will take place virtually, and is available for public sector employers and employers interviewing for post-graduate positions. Second, third, fourth year (evening and part-time) and LL.M. students are available for interviews during the fall; first year students may be interviewed on campus in the spring.
For all interviewing programs, you will receive applications materials in advance and may pre-screen applications to select exactly whom you wish to interview.
There will be no fees to participate in virtual OCI programs.

Spring On-Campus Interviewing

This program lasts from February through April. All students are available for these interviews every day except Wednesday.

The On-Campus Interview Scheduling Process

Employers may contact us to select a convenient date and communicate hiring needs and criteria. Information that you provide about your firm or organization is given to students as early as possible to assist them in making application decisions. We collect resumes and other application materials three to four weeks prior to each interview date and will deliver them to you for pre-screening. After you convey your decisions about whom to interview, we will contact the students and arrange the interview schedule.