The summer work study program allows students to earn income while gaining valuable legal experience over the summer. The Summer Work Study application process is a two-part process. The first part is to determine your eligibility for a summer work study grant. Work study is a federally funded program and to be eligible, applicants must comply with the requirements and procedures outlined below. The second part of the process is to ensure that you have a source of the required work study matching funds.

Off-Campus Work Study

Students who are working off-campus for the summer can only earn work study funding if they are working for an eligible employer. Eligible off-campus work study employers must have an Off-Campus Work Study Agreement on file with Temple Law School. Below is a list of employers that we have worked with in previous years and who have valid agreements on file.


Please note that having an agreement on file does NOT guarantee that you will receive the match from Temple Law School or from the employer. It simply means that the employer completed the federal requirements to employ students through the work study program. Even if your employer is listed, you must still apply for the Law Foundation Matching Grant if your employer is not able to provide the 25% match. If you are approved to receive the Law Foundation Matching Grant and your employer is not listed, then our office will contact your employer to complete the agreement. The employer must complete the agreement with Temple Law School BEFORE you can begin working.


Matching Funds

Applications should be submitted online and will be logged in as they are received. Matching funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and on the availability of funds. You will need to log in with your Temple AccessNet user name and password to complete the online application.

Law Foundation Matching Grant Application Will be available in April 2019

List of Current Work Study Employer Agreements

2018 Summer Work Study Payroll Instructions
2019 Summer Work Study Payroll Instructions will be available in April 2019


Law School/On-Campus Summer Employment

Students who will be working for the Law School or as a research assistant for a professor this summer do not need to apply for a matching grant and should contact Cynthia Gale in Room 814 of Klein Hall.

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