Temple Law has a robust set of curricular offerings that include doctrinal courses, writing courses, experiential courses and simulated courses.  In order to make the most of all that Temple has to offer, students are encouraged to seek advice from faculty and administrators.

Upper Level Advising AppointmenT Request Form (PDF)

Evening Division Upper Level Advising Schedule

Each spring, an information session is held for first-year students that discusses graduation requirements, integrated courses, certificate programs, experiential courses, the upper level curriculum, course prerequisites, and other material that is helpful in selecting elective courses. The video from the 2018 session can be found here:

There are also faculty-led discussions during which students have an opportunity to learn about the curricular opportunities, experiential opportunities, and career opportunities in a number of fields.  In 2018 the discussions will be held on the following dates:

Tax Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning

3/15/18 12PM K1C

Professor Andrea Monroe, Professor Rob Bartow, Professor Kathy Mandelbaum, Professor Alice Abreu

Public Interest Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning

3/19/18 12PM K1C

Professor Ellie Margolis, Professor Susan DeJarnatt, Professor Amy Sinden, Professor Sara Jacobson

Business & Transactional Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning

3/21/18 12PM K1C

Professor Jonathan Lipson, Professor Andrea Monroe, Professor Rafael Porrata-Doria, Professor Harwell Wells

Family Law Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning

3/21/18 12PM K1B

Professor Theresa Glennon, Associate Dean Rachel Rebouche, Professor Sarah Katz

Criminal Law Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning

3/28/18 12PM K1C

Professor Jim Shellenberger, Professor Sara Jacobson

International Law Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning

4/2/18 12PM K1C

Immigration Law Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning

3/26/18 12PM K7B

Associate Dean Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Professor Peter Spiro

Health Law Faculty: Academic Advising & Planning