How can I find out more information about clinicals?
How do I register for a clinical?

Most, but not all, clinicals are available for Priority Registration through Banner. The clinicals not available through Banner have a separate registration process. Those clinicals are:

Who can register for clinicals through Banner?

Third year full-time students (3Ls) and fourth and third year part-time students (4LEs and 3LEs) can register for clinicals through Self Service Banner (SSB). Second year full-time and part-time students (2Ls and 2LEs) cannot register online for clinicals. 2Ls interested in clinicals must contact Professor Jen Bretschneider to be registered in a clinical.

Are there enough spaces in clinicals for everyone?

We want to ensure that 4LE, 3L, and 3LE students are able to take at least one clinical during the 2015-2016 academic year. Accordingly, the Priority Registration process will allow you not only to register in a clinical for Fall 2015, but also to pre-register for a clinical in Spring of 2016.

For clinicals available for registration through Banner, when will Priority Registration take place?

Priority Registration for clinicals on Self Services Banner (SSB) will take place from March 30 to April 1. This is before registration for your other courses, which will begin on April 6. 4LEs, 3Ls, and 3Ls will be able to register in one clinical – either for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 – from March 30 at Noon to 10 am on March 31, and if they choose, in a second clinical from March 31 at noon to April 1 at 10 am.

Are there prerequisites for clinicals, and how do I know when I have to be at my clinical?

Most clinicals have prerequisites. Before you register for a clinical, check the online course schedule to make sure that you understand any prerequisites it may have and its time requirements. Self Service Banner (SSB) will check that you have taken the prerequisites and will prevent you from registering if you do not have them. SSB will not check your clinical meeting times against the meeting times of the other courses you will be registering for. It is entirely up to you to keep the meeting times of your clinical in mind as you register for your other courses.