How do I register for classes?

Registration for classes has two phases: Priority Registration and Add/Drop.

Priority Registration usually takes place in April for the following fall semester and in November for the following spring semester. It is structured so that each class group of students (e.g. fourth-year evening, third-year day, etc) registers in sequence and have the opportunity to prioritize their registration in at least one course that is import to them. PIN numbers are used during Priority Registration. Writing lists are not available for any courses during Priority Registration.

Add/Drop begins before the start of the semester and ends on the Friday of the first week of classes. It is an opportunity for students to make adjustments in their course rosters. Add/drop does not require students to register in groups and PIN numbers are not used. Waiting lists for selected courses are available during Add/Drop.

More information about Add/Drop

Where can I find the Course Schedule?

You can access the course schedule here.

Please note: Courses that can be added or dropped online will show a CRN (Course Registration Number) in the first column of the Course Schedule. The CRN field will be blank for courses that cannot be added or dropped online.

How can I find Course Descriptions?

The descriptions for each course along with pre-requisite requirements, if any, are available on the Course Schedule. Click on the Course title to see the description and requirements for the course.

How do I find out if there is space available in a course?

For most courses, you can check if there is space available through SSB. Please follow the steps below:

  • Select the course schedule function.
  • When asked to select a term, choose the appropriate term and click submit.
  • When the class schedule search screen comes up, select Juris Doctor under subject and scroll down to the bottom and click class search. This will produce a listing of all JD courses and sections with information about the number of seats available.

If you want to narrow your search to a particular course number in addition to selecting Juris Doctor under subject, you can also fill in the course number in the indicated field. If the law school course number only has three digits, use a leading zero. For example, if you are looking for number 416, use 0416 as the course number. However, if you are looking for course number 1016, you only need to use 1016.

Which courses have waiting lists, and how do I join a waiting list?

We maintain online waiting lists for certain courses during the Add/Drop period. This function will only be available for:

  • Writing Seminars.
  • Professional Skills courses (excluding clinicals).
  • Courses that were full at the end of Priority Registration.

Please see: Law School Waiting Lists (PDF) for further information on how the waiting list process works.

How do I register for ITP or ITAP for the fall?

Only rising 3L Evening Division students and rising 2L Day Division students are eligible to register for ITAP or ITP. You cannot register for both ITAP and ITP.

Because ITP and ITAP are year-long programs, registration is conducted during fall Priority Registration and fall Add/Drop. In the spring, you are automatically registered in the section of ITP or ITAP that corresponds with your fall sections. Further information about ITP and ITAP schedules and registration is available through Registration and Schedules for ITP and ITAP (PDF).

NOTE: If you register in ITP, do not register for any of the Trusts and Estates sections (001 or 051). If you register for ITAP, do not register for any of the Evidence sections (001,002, or 051).

How do I register for Introduction to Trial Advocacy (ITA)?

During spring registration, students who have taken Evidence and are interested in a trial advocacy course but have not taken ITAP can take Introduction to Trial Advocacy (ITA). This course involves a weekly lecture from 6:00 pm to 6:50 pm on Thursdays and a skills section. To register for ITA, register for one skills section of your choice and you will automatically be registered in the lecture.

What if I want to add or drop an Experiential Program?

Please see the Experiential Program Add/Drop Instructions (PDF).

How do I register for Guided Research or a Practicum?

Please see Guided Research and Practicum Registration

How do I register for Journals, Moot Court and/or Trial Team in order to receive credit?

To register for Journal credits, Trial Team, or Moot Court, please print the Credit Information Form (PDF), have it signed, and submit it to the Office of Academic Records by the end of the Add/Drop period in the semester in which you proposed to undertake the work. Instructions for these procedures are available on the forms.

NOTE: law journal members have the option to apply their journal credits to the fall or to the spring semester or to split the credits. For example, if you have 3 credits, you can place 2 in one semester and 1 in the other. Your editor will also have forms for you to process for your journal, so please process those forms in addition to submitting a Credit Information Form to the Registrar.

I have a "HOLD" on my record. Can I drop or add classes?

If you have a “HOLD” on your record, you will not be able to add or drop courses online until the HOLD has been cleared from your record. There are many different types of HOLDs (Financial, Library Fines, Missing Degree Information, etc.) It is your responsibility to ensure that the HOLD is cleared from your record prior to the add/drop period. You can check your HOLD status online by selecting the student records tab on Self Service Banner (SSB). Please contact the Law School Financial Aid Office at or (215) 204-8943 if you have any questions about a HOLD.

I am getting an error message when I try to add or drop a class. What does the error message mean?

The following are typical error messages in SSB:

Class restriction. Please select alternative section or course.

You are not eligible to register for this course with this class level (first-year, second-year, etc.)

Required student cohort not met. Please select alternative section or course. (CHRT)

You are not eligible to register for this course as you don’t have the appropriate program code and class year.

Closed Section. Please select alternative section or course

The course is closed or has reached maximum capacity.

Duplicate course with section ” XXXX “. Please select alternative course.

You are trying to register for a course that you are already registered for.

You have exceeded the maximum allowable credits. Please see your advisor or academic office for assistance.

You have exceeded the maximum credits for your class year. Please contact Student Affairs Office (Barrack 103) for overload approval.

Course is mutually exclusive with “XXXX”. Cannot earn duplicate credit. Please select alternative course.

You have already taken a similar course and cannot take this course again.

Prerequisite and/or Test Score Error

You do not satisfy all the pre-requisites to register for this course.

Time conflict with CRN “XXXX”

You are trying to register for a course in the same time slot.

Where do I go with questions or problems during Add/Drop?

For assistance with any questions or problems during Add/Drop, students may go to the Law School Office of Academic Records in Barrack Hall (Suite 103) during normal business hours.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions about the online system or the Add/Drop process, please contact any of the following in the Office of Student Services, preferably by email:

Please provide your name, TU Id, time of occurrence of the problem, nature of the problem, course number, section number, title, and CRN of the course.